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If you're interested in learning more about Invisalign you’ve come to the right place; in fact, one of the best!  Dr. Asp has been using Invisalign to treat patients for nearly 20 years.  He’s also been working with fixed orthodontics for almost four decades, so he understands the art and science of moving teeth!


Dr. Asp has received national recognized multiple times from Align Technologies for his successful results achieved when treating patients with Invisalign. At the 2017 Align General Practitioners’ Summit, Dr. Asp won first place in the Spacing category of the Invisalign Shootout competition, which compared hundreds of cases submitted by the top dentists and orthodontist in North America.


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Dr. Asp and the Live Life Smiling team can give you the smile you want without metal brackets or wires.   It all starts with a digital scan of your teeth, so there are no gooey impressions needed to begin your treatment. The iTero digital scanner is the latest technology to streamline the Invisalign process and make it easier and more comfortable for patients.


The iTero scanner creates a 3-D model of your teeth which Dr. Asp and his crew of engineers at Invisalign use to create a series of custom clear aligners designed to move your teeth gradually and give you an

your teeth gradually and give you an exceptional smile.  Invisalign treatment is nearly invisible and allows you to eat what you want and the freedom to brush and floss normally.   Straight teeth are easier to care for, which is why our Invisalign patients have some of the happiest and healthiest smiles around.


The extensive knowledge and skill Dr. Asp and his team possess come from years of training and participating in continuing education courses.  As the field of dentistry changes and evolves so must we, which is why we continually seek out opportunities to learn and enhance our experience.


If you’re interested in learning more about Invisalign give our office a call today or visit

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